An electrical outlet was secretly placed on a traffic light in Florida


The Fort Walton Beach Police Department in Florida discovers that someone has installed an electrical outlet on a traffic light to charge his cell phone.

In a stunt that counts as ingenious and not very bizarre, someone secretly installed a working electrical outlet on a traffic light in Florida.

The device was found by Fort Walton Beach officer Christopher Carter at the intersection of Perry Avenue and US-98, and further inspection revealed that it was not intended to be used. change the light from red to green.

Instead, it was used as a makeshift charging station for phones and other electrical devices. Investigators realized this after finding a plug attached to some charger.

“Are you kidding me”? Fort Walton Beach police asked in the June 2 Facebook post. “Someone there decided the traffic light wasn’t working to its full potential and wanted to help it reach a new level of usefulness. While we’re really impressed with the ingenuity here, we’d like to send a quick reminder that damaging a traffic light is a crime.

The device begins to make more sense when considering the beggars and homeless people who frequent the intersection, Fort Walton Beach Police Department Lt. Brandon Chapin told McClatchy News.

“Recently, the intersection underwent infrastructure upgrades which allowed an unknown person to access an electrical panel,” Chapin said.

“The exit was then roughly taped to the post; fortunately the access hole was too small and prevented any tampering with the actual pole wiring,” he continued. “This attempt appears to have been for access to electrical services inside the pole.”

City public works employees have since “removed the outlet and all of its associated wiring,” he said. The wiring access panel has also been sealed to prevent this from happening again.

The department’s Facebook post at the point of sale drew hundreds of reactions and comments, including some who called it “vigilant electrical work.”

“I have a light switch that needs to be replaced, whoever did this is hired. I’ll even let them charge their phone,” wrote Samantha Johnson on the department’s Facebook page.

“Charge your phone while waiting to cross the street,” posted Patrick Armitage.

Fort Walton Beach is 160 miles west of Tallahassee.

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