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Basic science

  • Neural reserve and synapthopathy
  • Brain plasticity experimental
  • Brain plasticity clinical and clinical physiopathology
  • Gene therapy, Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
  • Neural greenwood function, pitch/place and stimulation strategy
  • Directional hearing
  • Auditory percept and development

Diagnosis and genetics

  • Neonatal hearing screening
  • Neonatal and prelingual work-up incl imaging
  • Postlingual work-up incl imaging
  • Advances in genetic testing
  • Genetics and poor CI outcomes
  • Genetics and hearing preservation in CI

CI children surgery and outcome

  • Pediatric outcome measures
  • Pediatric bilateral Cochlear Implant (simultaneous and sequential)
  • Eas-hybrid CI in children
  • Congenital inner ear malformations
  • Pediatric ABI
  • Pediatric Single Sided Deafness and CI
  • Surgical challenges and techniques in pediatric CI
  • Complications, non adherance, meningitis
  • Auditory neuropathy
  • Directional hearing

CI adults surgery and outcome

  • Postlingual outcome measures
  • Hearing and structure preservation Eas-hybrid surgery
  • CI and Single Sided Deafness
  • Electode, insertion depth and stimulation choice
  • Surgical challenges (advanced otosclerosis, radical cavity, anatomical variations)
  • CI and tinnitus
  • Postlingual ABI
  • Vestibular implant
  • CI surgical challenges and techniques
  • Complications and management
  • Revision surgery
  • CI and genetherapy/regenerative medicine/drug delivery
  • Robotics
  • Technological innovation
  • Expanding indications
  • Fully implantable technologies (CI and AMEI)

Active Middle ear implant and Bone conduction Implants

  • Consesnsus standardisation outcomes
  • AMEI in pediatric malformations and reconstructive surgery
  • AMEI performance (adults and children)
  • Indicationfield of MEI vs BCD
  • Single Sided Deafness and hearing aids/AMEI/BCD/CI
  • Complications of AMEI and BCI
  • Surgical challenges inAMEI and BCI
  • Pinna Reconstruction and implants
  • Skull base surgery and implants

Rehabilitiation children

  • CI in Usher
  • CI in CMV
  • CI children multi handicap
  • Language development and Implants
  • CI in teenagers vs young adults
  • CI and music perception
  • Fitting in children
  • School and carreer development
  • Poor progressing child
  • Monitoring child progression
  • CI, AMEI, BCD and connectivity with listening devices

Rehabilitation adult

  • Bimodal stimulation
  • Eas fitting
  • Remote and automatic fitting
  • Ageing cognition and CI
  • Adult implantation of congenital deafness
  • MRI and CI
  • Monitoring progress of CI rehabilitation
  • CI, AMEI, BCD and connectivity with listening devices (mobiles, streaming, ..)
  • CI, AMEI,BCD and specific working and leisture adaptations incl swiming
  • CI and family, partners and friends

Objectiove measures

  • Brain imaging and CI
  • Auditory evoked potentials
  • Intra-operative testing
  • Intra-operative imaging
  • CI integrity testing
  • AMEI and CI per and postop implant efficacy assessment
  • Pre-per and post implant imaging and computer assited surgery

Ethics economics and costs new technology

  • Device reliability
  • Device history
  • Reimbursement criteria
  • New technology assessment
  • Robotics
  • Quality of life
  • Auditory Implants in middle and poor income countries
  • Building an auditory implant centre
  • Quality assessment of auditory implant centres
  • ICD11 and SNOMED classification of severe hearing loss and auditory implants


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