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How to find your way through the conference schedule?

Colours: the main domains
The colours correspond to the main domains of this conference: innovation and ethics & economics, basic research, genetics and diagnosis, cochlear implant in adults, cochlear implant in children, bone anchored hearing aids and active middle ear implants, rehabilitation in adults, rehabilitation in children and finally electro-auditory evoked and objective measures.
Basic Science
Diagnosis and Genetics
CI Children Surgery and Outcome
CI Adults Surgery and Outcome
Active Middle Ear Implants and Bone Conduction Implants
Rehabilitation Children
Rehabilitation Adults
Objective Measures
Ethics Economics and Costs New Technology
Interaction: be part of the discussion
The interaction button of the conference app links you directly to the chairmen of the session. Questions can be raised, liked and after selection by the chairmen brought forward by the moderator of the interactive session. The moderator can also project questions and the audience will be able to respond to the questions. The feature will be enabled during the keynote and main sessions.
Tutorial: exclusive early experience open for all
How to do, What to do! 16 opportunities affecting your practice. Not to be missed.
Keynotes: the comprehensive overview
The main topics are introduced by a keynote lecture. The 40 lectures allow to gain a comprehensive overview and they will update your knowledge over the entire area. Question sent through the interactive App will be discussed during the subsequent main session.
Main interactive sessions: experts at hand
After the keynote lectures 56 main sessions on related topics are programmed in one of the main conference halls during which an expert discussion takes place. The interactive system functions in the following Conference Halls: Queen Elisabeth Hall 1800 p; Marble Hall 350p, Okapi Hall 350p, Darwin Hall 280p, Gorilla1 hall 170p and Gorilla 3 Hall 70p.
Focus sessions: detailed experience
Following the main panel, 69 sessions ‘focus’ on particular aspects of the main sessions in more detail.
Posters: permanently available
Throughout the whole conference, posters can be viewed at the poster stations. The authors of the e-poster presentation are requested to be available at the indicated stations and times to present and discuss with the colleagues with particular interest.
Keynote Lecture
Main interactive session
Focus Session
Keynote Tutorial
Instructional Course
Poster Session
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